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Everything You Know

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Everything You Know By Zoe Heller, book reviewWilly Muller has problems. His elder daughter hates him, his sister’s not a fan, his girlfriends (yep, plural) want to change him and his agent is hassling him to work on a screen-play of his old best-seller ‘To Have and to Hold’, a rather tasteless account of how he killed his wife – or perhaps he didn’t. He was found guilty at his first trial, served time in Wormwood Scrubs before being released on appeal, basing his defence on claims that his wife Oona was an alcoholic. Willy should have hit a turning point in his life as a result of a heart attack but unlike many who recover from a life threatening event determined to make more of their lives and to live every day, Willy seems to have just lost his interest in life.

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