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Beatrice and Virgil

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Beatrice and Virgil, Yann Martel, book reviewHenry is a writer with a couple of successful novels behind him which brings him the genteel recognition of his readers and numerous letters from respectful ‘fans’. His latest attempt to wow the literary world is a ‘flip book’ – twin books presented upside down from each other with no indication how you should read it. Henry thinks he’s being clever – it’s half a fictional account of the Holocaust and half a long academic essay on the same subject. You have wonder why he was surprised when the editor and other worthies gave his manuscript a big thumbs down. In shock Henry persuades his wife to move away with him to an unnamed big city where they get a cat and a dog and he finds a job as a waiter.

Henry’s correspondence from his readers follows him to the new city where one day he receives a strange manuscript of a play in which two characters – Beatrice and Virgil – are discussing a pear and how much they’d like to have one.

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