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A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine

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A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine,  Tony Benn, book reviewWhen the opportunity arose to get a pre-publication copy of Tony Benn’s final diaries, A Blaze of Autumn Sunshine my hand shot up quicker than my brain could actually process what I’d just done. I’ve long been an admirer of this controversial political giant, egged on no doubt by my grandfather who considered him some kind of living god, but was I really in the market for a politician’s diary? What if it turned out to be drier than dust and deadly dull? Didn’t I already have Alan Clarke’s diaries on my shelf, still unopened many years after his death? How on earth would I find something to write about in a review if all he did was bang on about politics? Silly me. Tony Benn couldn’t be boring if he tried to and his latest book – likely to be his last set of diaries – is witty, entertaining and always deeply human.

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