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Lost and Found, Tom Winter, book reviewAs I write this, Royal Mail is very much in the news. One of the key reasons being given for its proposed privatisation is that nobody writes letters anymore, and thus the number of items that the postman has to deliver has been gradually dwindling for years. This has got me thinking – when was the last time that I wrote a letter? Certainly I used to quite a lot. As a child I had a couple of pen pals, and when my best friend from school and I both moved away to start university, we went through a phase of writing proper letters to each other (before the inevitable slide into email correspondence as we got busier later on in our respective courses). So my last actual letter must have been written in the late 90s; since then, the post has been for cheques to pay bills (decreasingly so), for the movement of LoveFilm discs, for Christmas cards and to send the odd package.

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