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Cupboard Love

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Cupboard Love: How to Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen (Hardback) By (author) Tom Norrington-DaviesIf you don’t have the time or culinary skills to follow in the footsteps of celebrity chefs but won’t be satisfied with ready meals that take just a few minutes in the microwave, Tom Norrington-Davies’ ‘Cupboard Love’ could be the ideal cookbook for you. The idea is to establish an up-to-date version of an old-fashioned larder in your kitchen. This may entail an initial outlay to build up a well-stocked cupboard, but once you have the basic ingredients you can produce a variety of home-made dishes with the addition of fresh produce in a short time and without too much fuss. It does of course mean that you are in control of the ingredients and can use olive oil or butter rather than hydrogenated fat, and pure sugar as opposed to dextrose or corn syrup.

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