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To Be Sung Underwater

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To be Sung Underwater, Tom McNeal, book reviewHave you ever received an unexpected gift that turned up out of the blue, looked like it wasn’t something you’d really be interested in and yet turned out to be exactly what you needed? Such was the case for me recently when the pile of mail waiting for me one weekend contained an unrequested parcel from the publishers Little Brown. Inside was a book which I’d have walked straight past if I’d seen it on the shelf and which might well have gone straight onto my shelf and been ignored if it were not for the letter tucked inside. The sender wrote that this was the best book she’d read this year and the first to make her cry in her time with the company. I checked the cover of ‘To Be Sung Underwater‘ and thought “Well this doesn’t look like my kind of thing at all” but on the strength of the recommendation, I started it as soon as I’d finished the book I was reading.

To Be Sung Underwater is the story of Judith and Willy and is a classic story of girl meets boy, girl leaves boy, girl goes looking for boy again – but with a heck of a twist in the tail.

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