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Love and War in Vietnam

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The Lotus Eaters By Tatjana Soli, book reviewHelen Adams is a photographic journalist living and working in Vietnam during the War. We join her towards the end of her stay there and find out that she was in a relationship with a well-known photographer called Sam Darrow, whom she accompanied to war zones with the aim of photographing the horrors of the war. However, Sam died and Helen became involved with his assistant, a Vietnamese man called Linh. The story of how Helen came to be in Vietnam and met Sam and then Linh is slowly revealed. By the time of her meeting with Linh, it becomes clear that her time in Vietnam is nearly up. But having been in the country for ten years, will she even be able to leave? If she does, will Linh go with her? If she doesn’t leave, will the increasingly dangerous situations in which she finds herself be the end of her?


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