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The String Diaries

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The String Diaries, Stephen Lloyd Jones, book reviewAbout three weeks ago, I collected a package from my local Post Office. Upon opening it, I found inside a proof copy of a paperback book, curiously tied up with string. The only other item inside the package was a sheet of paper. I opened the sheet, expecting it to be a standard press release, but instead found a letter written by an editor at Headline publishers, describing how the book had started a buzz at the publishing offices, how he couldn’t get through the plot fast enough – but telling me nothing about the story itself. I dismissed this as a trendy marketing gimmick and left the book in its packaging until a few days ago, when I undid the string to reveal Stephen Lloyd Jones’ debut novel, The String Diaries. I read the first chapter, got hooked, and then devoured the rest of the 670 pages over the past few evenings. However gimmicky the presentation had been, that editor was not wrong.

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