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The Afterlife with Sunglasses

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The Wednesday Soul: The Afterlife With Sunglasses  by  Sorabh Pant, book reviewThis is a fairly unique romp through the afterlife with criminals, philosophers and spiritual leaders thrown in for good measure. The book begins with the death of Nyra Dubey, taser wielding vigilante, the feared Delhi Belle who stalks eve teasers in the night and appears out of nowhere to claim vengeance. However, death claims her, much to her annoyance and those in charge of the afterlife records are not quite sure whether she committed suicide or not. So she’s classified as ‘a Wednesday soul’ – souls in Pant’s fantastic world belong to days of the week with Sunday getting the highest ratings.

Nyra is annoyed, out for vengeance and still armed – to discover how her taser works out of the living world is a feat of entertaining gymnastics.

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