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Skeletons in the Closet

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A Wedding in December By Anita ShreveAnita Shreve is a writer I first discovered with her book ‘The Pilot’s Wife’ – a scarily prescient novel about a plane crash with a terrorist sub-plot. Her 2005 novel ‘A Wedding in December’, the first she wrote after the attacks of September 11th, and it was strange to see her return to those events as a subtle circumstantial sub-topic of a much broader tale of private and public loss and grief.

Shreve isn’t one of the writers for whom I’d rush out to the bookshop with my credit card burning a hole in my pocket but still she weasels her way into my book shelves, gets read and generally gets passed on to friends that I’m sure will like and appreciate her. She writes good solid novels, filled with yearning and emotion that so far – with the notable exception of the dirge-like ‘All He Ever Wanted’ – have never failed to please me.

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