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Holy Cow

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Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure , Sarah MacDonald, book reviewI wasn’t expecting to like Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald. She got off to a bad start for me with some glaring geographic and historical errors (claiming Rishikesh was 200 km from Dehradun – it’s about 40 minutes in a taxi) and a lot of moaning and whining about how filthy and smoggy Delhi was. I did think to myself “Oh no, here we go again. Another airhead antipodean off to India to ‘find’ herself and not bothering to do her research” and my instinct wasn’t entirely wrong – there’s far too much dipping into the smorgasbord of Indian religions and gurus for my liking – but along the way, I actually got drawn into her life in India, almost against my better intentions. As you might imagine, I didn’t buy this book – it was a donation from a kind friend and fellow review writer who I’m surprised to now realise hasn’t reviewed the book. Maybe it didn’t work so well for her either.

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