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Love is All Sustaining

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 Under Fishbone Clouds by Sam MeekingsThe Jade Emperor wants the Kitchen God to study humans and what keeps them alive even when war and political unrest cause great unhappiness. He picks a newly married couple, Bian Yuying and her husband, Hou Jinyi. Their marriage takes place in the 1940s, just before China became a Communist country, and really only happened because Hou Jinyi was poor and Yuying’s family thought it would help with their political status once Communism comes in. The couple are forced to move to the countryside to earn a living, and lose two babies along the way. Eventually finding their way back to the city, they start up new lives and have more children, but then the Cultural Revolution rears its ugly head, tearing their lives apart once more. How do they find the strength to continue living when being beaten and criticised for their bourgeois past and forced to work in different parts of the country?


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