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To Prussia with Love

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To Prussia with Love: Misadventures in Rural East Germany,  Roger Boyes, book reviewAlarm bells should have sounded when I picked up Roger Boyes’s “To Prussia with Love” in a bookstore and I thought to myself “this sounds a bit contrived”. Call me naïve but when I browse the travel writing section in Waterstones, I tend to believe that those books are based on the writers’ real life experiences. Not so, it seems; at least not if this book is anything to go by.

It all starts off quite reasonably. Boyes is a British journalist living in Berlin and submitting stories about German life to his editor back in Blighty; rather fortuitously, just as he’s yearning to do something different with his life, his German interior designer girlfriend informs him that she’s inherited a country house, not, as he hopes in rural Italy, but in Brandenburg ( in eastern Germany to most people these days but, as luck would have it for those looking for a catchy title for a book, it used to go by the name of Prussia).

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