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Every Home Needs a Balcony

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Every Home Needs a Balcony By Rina Frank, book reviewIn ‘Every Home Needs a Balcony’ Rina Frank tells two separate but interconnected tales in parallel. The first is about a Romanian Jewish family arriving in the newly formed state of Israel and building a life for themselves in a multiple occupancy flat in Haifa. This is told in the first person from the point of view of the Rina, the younger daughter. The second thread that runs through the book is told in the third person and is about the romance and marriage of a young woman who finds her ‘perfect’ man, marries him, has a baby who is seriously ill and watches everything fall apart. We assume that the young girl and the young mother are the same woman although it’s not explicitly stated, and the book jumps back and forth in time between the two stories.

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