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Kind of Kin

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Kind of Kin, Rilla Askew, book reviewRilla Askew’s Kind of Kin is set in Oklahoma, shortly after the passing of a new law which makes it a felony to harbour illegal immigrants. Ten year old Dustin’s grandfather is arrested after he is caught with a barnful of migrant workers, leaving Dustin with only his Aunt Sweet to look after him. Dustin doesn’t deal too well with his change in circumstances and having to live with his bullying cousin, so with his grandfather refusing to speak in court or help himself, Dustin ends up running away with an immigrant called Luis who managed to evade the police, while Sweet is left behind trying to hold things together.

The setting of Kind of Kin is quite interesting, the characters are lower class and struggle to make ends meet, with the exception of Monica Moorehouse, the politician who brought about the new law.

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