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The Happiness Quotient by Rekha Shetty, book reviewHappiness has suddenly become an important factor in the welfare of countries. As far back as 1972, the King of Bhutan introduced a system for measuring Gross National Happiness in his country, rather than the conventional GDP mapping. This was followed by Thailand a while later, and UK and Australia, too are considering introducing a happiness measure related to economics.

Treatises have been written on how to achieve happiness and face life positively. In India, Dr Rekha Shetty says, ‘positive, radiant happiness is our birthright’ and the book outlines a programme on how to achieve it. She has the requisite experience to lay out the programme, since she is the creator of the Mindspower brand and the MD of Farstar Distribution Network limited, a consultancy that works on issues like work-life balance and innovation initiatives.

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