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Sex, blood and rock ‘n’ roll

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Lost Souls By (author) Poppy Z. BriteAbove a dingy bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans, a vampire child is born, killing his mother as he fights his way out of her womb. Unaware of the devastation he has caused, that same child, called Nothing, is brought up by non-vampire parents. By the time he is 15, however, he knows that something is missing from his life. He leaves home, aiming to find his favourite group, Lost Souls, to see if they can help him find his way. He is picked up by a strange group of people, the beautiful Zillah, Molochai and Twig, who appear to live life by partying hard. Before long, it becomes clear that Zillah and Nothing have a strong bond. But is it a healthy one? And can his friends Ghost and Christian help him to see the truth before it is too late?

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