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India – All the parts other travel books leave out

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Buy book online

India - All the parts other travel books leave outI first went to India more than 15 years ago and I’ve been back many times since for holidays and for business trips. I’ve been all over the place but I still wouldn’t claim that I ‘know’ India because it’s an unknowable mess of contradictions and conundrums. I have lots of guidebooks and I’m always looking for insights into the country that I love but perhaps I should have been a bit more sceptical about ‘India–All the parts other travel books leave out’ by Phillip Donnelly. I had been browsing the Kindle lists for books about India and picked this one up for just 77 pence.

I read the first few pages which were available via Amazon’s ‘Click to look inside’ and was mildly amused by the authors thoughts on how other people should behave on planes, thinking he was clearly quite bigoted but might be funny. I should have spotted that anyone who can’t put up with a couple of hundred fellow passengers on a flight is going to have tolerance problems with over a billion people living in India.

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