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Young Prince Philip

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Young Prince Philip: His Turbulent Early Life, Philip Eade, book reviewWhile Queen Elizabeth II may be something of an enigma, a very private person who does not reveal her personal feelings, her husband Prince Philip is often perceived as easier to understand, given that he often appears to speak his mind. However, many biographies of him, or indeed the Queen, are in agreement that he is not as straightforward as he seems, that there is more to him than the occasional blunt remark might indicate. Philip Eade’s Young Prince Philip aims to shed some light on the foundations of his character, in a biography of his early years, covering birth up to the 1950s-60s. While very grateful to sources at the Palace, Eade is at pains to point out in his introduction that this biography is not authorised or approved.

Born in 1921, Prince Philip was the only son of Prince Andrea of Greece, and his wife, Princess Alice, granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

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