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Plague Child

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Plague Child by Peter Ransley, book review“We owe our state of government to it, but most of us have little idea who fought whom or why. Nor do most of us care…yet it made us the country we are, the people we are” – Diane Purkiss, The English Civil War: A People’s History

The English civil war was the beginning of the modern age in Britain. While everybody knows that a King was executed and battles fought between Roundheads and Cavaliers, most people are unaware that, proportionally, more of England’s population was killed in this conflict than in either the First or Second World Wars. It had a huge impact on the country we know today. Yet, despite this, it seems to be an unfashionable era to portray in fiction, and I have come across relatively few novels set at this time. This made me all the more eager to read Peter Ransley’s new novel, Plague Child, the first in a new trilogy set during this tumultuous period.

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