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Skippy Dies

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Skippy Dies By Paul Murray, book reviewThis is a guest post from our book blogging friend Lovely Treez. The original post can be found on her site  Lovely Treez Reads.

This is quite an unusal book, hard to categorise, given that it covers everything from schoolboy fantasies to complex scientific theories. However, somehow this eclectic mix works and what emerges is a masterly tale of life, love, past versus present – a veritable saga.

As the title states, Daniel “Skippy” Juster does indeed die and the prologue details his untimely demise. What follows is a tale of epic proportions divided into three separate books, Hopeland, Heartland and Ghostland. Most of the novel is set in and around Seabrook College, a prestigious Dublin school run by the Paraclete order who are keen to maintain the school’s excellent reputation. Greg Costigan, the first acting lay principal, is keen to move the school into the 21st century and one senses the tension between the old and new orders.

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