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The Train to Pakistan

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Train to Pakistan by Khushwant SinghThe Train to Pakistan is a fictitious account of the impact of Partition – the splitting of India into the two states of India and Pakistan in 1947 – in a small country town called Mano Majra which sits beside the railway line. All the events described are based on fact but delivered as fiction. It’s fair to say that you couldn’t make it up if you tried – nobody would believe this if it wasn’t documented, photographed and proven to be true.

My copy of The Train to Pakistan is the 50th Anniversary Special Edition in which Khushwant Singh’s classic story is illustrated with the photographs of American photographer Margaret Bourke-White. Pramod Kapoor (who wrote the introduction to the edition) had the creative idea to bring together the words of Singh and the photographs of Bourke-White, correctly identifying that the synergy between the two would create a stunning and very moving tribute to both and to those killed during the events that form the focus of the book. It’s worth noting that the anniversary referred to is that of the original publishing of the book and not of the events themselves.

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