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The Incredible Book Eating Boy

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The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers, book reviewHenry is a little boy who loves books. He doesn’t read them, however; he eats them. He eats all kinds of books, but red ones are his favourite. The more books he eats, the cleverer he becomes. He wants to become the cleverest person in the world, so he eats three or four books at a time. Eventually, of course, Henry starts to feel ill. What’s more, he has been eating books so quickly that the things he has been learning get mixed up.

All sorts of experts tell Henry that he must give up eating books.

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Lost and Found

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Buy book online Buy book online Buy book online

Lost and Found (Paperback) By (author) Oliver Jeffers, Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers‘Lost and Found’ written by Oliver Jeffers tells of a really sweet story of friendship between a small boy and a penguin! An unusual combination you might think, and indeed it is, but the unlikely pair end up forming a very strong bond.

The story starts with the small boy opening his front door one day and rather surprisingly finding a little penguin on his doorstep. He thinks that this is rather peculiar and decides that he really must find out whether anyone has lost the penguin so he can take him back!


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