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Naked in Knightsbridge

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Naked in Knightsbridge By Nicky Schmidt, book reviewI have to confess I bought Naked in Knightsbridge by Nicky Schmidt because I felt like a bit of light reading, some uncomplicated chick-lit to read over a few days – I’m not a fan of chick-lit in general, I only like certain authors who write at a higher standard than most of the rubbish in the genre, but when it’s done well, chick-lit can make for an enjoyable read – which is what I was hoping for with Naked in Knightsbridge.

The main character is Jools, a girl who is down on her luck when her cleaning company goes bust and she is heavily in debt. We follow her through her attempts to earn some money and make a living, and the plot slowly gets more farcical as she decides the only way forward is to sell herself as a bride online.

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