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The Snagglegrollop

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The Snagglegrollop , Daniel Postgate, Illustrated by Nick Price, book reviewSam asks his parents if he can have a pet, but Dad thinks he would have to keep taking a dog for walks and Mum is afraid a cat will leave bits of fur all over the house. Sam asks if he can have a snagglegrollop; he tells his parents he made the name up, so they say he can have one.

The next day Sam’s Mum and Dad are amazed when Sam comes home with an enormous, weird-looking creature. He tells them it’s a snagglegrollop, so they have to let him keep it because they said he could have one. Dad stresses, however, that Sam will have to look after his new pet himself. This turns out to be quite a chore, what with bathing the snagglegrollop and drying its hair.


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