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Romp through Suburbia

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Tamasha In Bandargaon by  Navneet Jagannathan, book reviewThe back cover sets the trend telling you that you can expect something of RK Narayan’s Malgudi Days. That is about right – Jagannathan sets his action in the fictional Mumbai suburb of Bandargaon and the name tells you that it will be a romp with all kinds of ‘bandars’ involved. This is heightened by the Mario Miranda style cover illustration.

The suburb, like all Mumbai suburbs is centred around certain vital elements, Sunrise Apartments, the housing complex, the slum from where the domestic help for the complex comes from, vice in the shape of a gambling den and the tea stall where all the local gossip is available. Like Narayan, Jagannathan weaves together a series of short stories, thirteen of them, linked by common characters and setting.

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