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Questions of Travel

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Questions of Travel, Michelle de Kretser, book reviewQuestions of Travel by Michelle de Kretser was one of my favourite books of 2012 although technically it was only released in 2013. I read a lot of books. Even with a well stocked Kindle, piles of the things build up around my home threatening to topple over and attack my cats. Often at the end of a week I can’t even remember what I’ve read because I get through so many books. But only relatively rarely – perhaps half a dozen times a year – does a book take over my life, forces me to put all the non-essential things on hold and focus all my attention on it. When I received Questions of Travel by Michelle de Kretser as an uncorrected proof back in October or November last year, it took over my life.

Unfortunately since my life involves a lot of travel – you might start to see why it was so clearly the book for me – I was restricted in how much time I could give it because it was just such an enormous book.

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