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The Honey Guide

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The Honey Guide,  Richard Crompton, book reviewThis article is part of our Holiday Reads 2013 series. The Honey Guide is Michael Logan’s recommendation. Michael won Terry Pratchett First Novel Award prize for Apocalypse Cow, just published in paperback.

I don’t know what it is about sitting on a beach beneath a baking sun, surrounded by cavorting holidaymakers, that makes my thoughts turn to murder. I’m not talking about actually killing the over-muscled gentleman thrusting his bulging speedos in my face as he retrieves a casually tossed Frisbee, although I’m pretty sure no court would convict me if I did. I’m talking about burying my nose in a crime thriller to avoid such sights.

Last month, as I holidayed in Zanzibar, I was lucky enough to have a copy of The Honey Guide by Richard Crompton to shield my bleeding eyes.

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