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I Will Have Vengeance

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I Will Have Vengeance, Maurizio de Giovanni, book reviewThe year is 1931, the setting the Italian city of Naples. Commissario Luigi Alfredo Ricciardi is working late one evening when he is summoned to the famous San Carlo Opera House where a mysterious death has been reported. There he is faced with the dead body of Maestro Vezzi, one of the country’s foremost operatic singers and a particular favourite of Il Duce. The singer is sitting at a table in his dressing room, an arm out-stretched, a tear running down one cheek and a shard of glass from a smashed mirror sticking out of his neck. Vezzi’s death could be the result of a tragic accident but for a couple of items in the room that Ricciardi thinks odd.

As the Commissario and his assistant Brigadier Maione start to investigate, it soon becomes clear that the singer was a difficult and unlikeable man with whom many other members of the company had a strained relationship.

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