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In Falling Snow

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In Falling Snow, Mary-Rose MacColl, book reviewIris is old and frail. Her body and her mind challenge her every day. She’s increasingly forgetful, she can’t remember the names of the grandchildren or things around her and her heart is a cause of concern for her doctors. Her life is ebbing away and she fills her days with little things – caring for an orphaned possum, chatting to the postman, and watching out for the visits from her long dead brother who keeps appearing before her as a young boy. The possum should be ample clue that Iris lives in Australia.

Grace is Iris’s granddaughter but she was brought up by her grandmother after her mother died in childbirth. Grace is a successful woman – an obstetrician or a gynaecologist, I’ll admit I’m not sure about the difference – but she’s got a lot on her plate.

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