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Valeria’s Last Stand

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Valeria's Last Stand - Marc Fitten, book reviewWhen an unlikely love affair blossoms, the inhabitants of Zivatar, a small village in rural Hungary finally have something to talk about. One day at the market, frumpy, waspish Valeria, teased by the local kids and shunned by the adults, falls for the village potter and before long everyone knows about the passionate night the two have spent together. But the potter is not unattached and when Ibolya, the village bar owner hears what “her man” has been up to she is furious.

If the villagers weren’t excited enough by the mature love triangle, the arrival in Zivatar of a travelling chimney sweep has the women swooning and the men suspicious. Ibolya, desperate to have the potter back under her thumb, hopes she can use the chimney sweep in her scheme but Valeria is determined not to let the potter go.

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