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Shiver by Maggie StiefvaterWhat a beautiful looking cover, it’s black, with leafy vines crawling around the sides, some dotted with red and the title in sketchy “shivery” writing in the middle. Although I (somewhat neurotically!) have my books stacked in the order in which I received or bought them and then that dictates what order I read them, my eye kept wandering to this book and eventually I decided that this one was far too tempting to let sit there gathering dust!

Shiver” tells the story of a sixteen year old girl called Grace who falls in love with a wolf. I’ve read a review that calls this book “Twilight , the Jacob version” and I have to agree that this is an extremely accurate way of summing up this book. Like Twilight, it falls into the teen romance category but this is not something I realised when I got this book as the cover seems much more sophisticated and almost has a horror/thriller feel to it.

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