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The Heart of Darkness

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Churchill's Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India During World War II By Madhusree Mukerjee, book reviewTake an obstinate man determined to prove British racial superiority, put him together with a ‘brown’ state full of rebellious people, throw in a World War and you have a recipe for disaster. Churchill’s Secret War is journalist Madhusree Mukerjee’s expose of the real reasons behind the Bengal famine of 1943 – Winston Churchill’s determination to ensure that the British were well fed and looked after at the expense of the colonies. And his refusal to admit that India should be given its independence.

When he died Churchill was given a hero’s funeral because he had kept British morale high in the face of Hitler’s Blitz. However, where India was concerned his policies had ensured that what had once been India’s richest state was drained and impoverished.


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