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The New North: The World in 2050

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The New North: The World in 2050 by Laurence C. Smith, book review“The New North: The World in 2050” by Laurence Smith is a good bet to turn out to be the best geography book of the year. If you feel underwhelmed by that statement, then you are probably not alone. Geography is a subject that has suffered greatly over recent years with an image problem; it is often seen as a fuddy-duddy subject taught by dull old men in tweed jackets and really of no great consequence. If you Google “geography popularity” you will see scores of press articles lamenting the decline of this subject in schools and universities across the Western world, and there was apparently even a government task force assigned to this very issue back in 2006. Why this should be the case rather mystifies me, given that we live in a changing world and as geography seeks to explain many of these changes, it is increasingly a vital subject area.

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