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Tyler Gets Dug In

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Digging to America By Anne TylerLife is full of happy accidents and meetings that develop into more than could ever have been anticipated. There are people you meet completely randomly who go on to become important in your life in unpredictable ways. Such is the case for two Baltimore couples and their extended families in Anne Tyler’s “Digging to America“. Both couples are childless and both have opted to adopt a girl child from Korea. Other than that they have little in common.

Bitsy and Brad Dickinson-Donaldson are a wholesome all-American couple. She’s into home weaving and wearing odd sack-cloth dresses made from fabric she’s woven herself. She has an opinion on anything and everything and no hang-ups about expressing those especially on the topic of childcare. You get the impression she’s read every book on bringing up baby ever written. Anxious to cling to her baby’s Korean roots, Bitsy doesn’t change her daughter’s name – she was and always (until the child says differently) will be Jin-Ho.

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