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The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

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The Memory Keeper's Daughter By Kim EdwardsThe Memory Keeper’s Daughter” was not a book I had initially set out to read; my local bookshop was offering best-selling paperbacks on a “buy one, get one half price offer”, and after choosing the one I really did want to read, this was my choice for the half price book. I was swayed by the fact that it was written by an assistant Professor of English, Kim Edwards, and was suggested by the booksellers to be literary fiction. It was also billed as a multi-million copy US number 1 bestseller, and books don’t achieve that without an awful lot people thinking it was very good (or at least one hell of a marketing campaign behind it). It certainly looked worth a try.

The book opens in 1964, with newlywed couple David and Norah Henry expecting their first child in the small town of Lexington, Kentucky. When Norah goes into labour late one night in the middle of a freak snowstorm, David decides the safest course of action is to drive his wife to the local clinic where he is a doctor, rather than risk taking her further to the hospital in such bad weather.


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