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I Saw Her Standing There

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Buy book online Buy book online

Chocolate Guitar Momos, Kenny Deori Basumatary, book reviewJoseph has come back home to Guwahati without a job but with lots of musical hopes and he finds that his girlfriend has had enough of him. She’s been freewheeling behind his back with a musician that he dislikes and is issuing marching orders. Being dumped, of course, is par for the course for Joseph – Uma is his third girlfriend and, unkindest cut of all, she’s even sold his bike and refuses to give him the money. After he’s finished mourning her, with some help from his irrepressible friend Utpal, he decides the best thing to do is ask destiny for some help.

Relationships, like marriages, after all, are made in heaven. After strumming through some sad ballads and his memories, Joseph remembers the fleeting glimpse he had of a girl he had nine years ago at a bus stop.

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