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Tongue Firmly in Cheek

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JS & the Times of My Life: A Worm's-Eye View of Indian Journalism by Jug Suraiya, book reviewThe title stops you with its combination of two logos. You look at it and, if you’re a person in the know about Jagdish Suraiya’s life you wince at the puniness of it all. Perhaps if the logos had not been force-fed, it could have been accepted as a subtle tribute. But those are among the rare things to cavil about in this book.

Jug Suraiya is one of India’s best known journalists, with a name insightful tongue in cheek pieces. And, for taking digs at himself. The opening chapter sets the tone – the journalist who rarely watched television missed the news about Diana’s death and so ran an opinion piece a day late. But then, he goes on to say, he became a journalist quite by accident, preferring to try odd business ventures like marketing paint spraying devices or selling tendu leaves.

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