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The Three Day Rule

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The Three Day Rule By Emlyn Rees, By Josie LloydI have to start this review by saying that I enjoyed this book so much I could hardly put it down which with two small children is no mean feat! ‘The Three Day Rule‘ is written by the very successful writing team of husband and wife Emlyn Rees and Josie Lloyd. This is the sixth book they have written together (I have read them all) and they just seem to get better.

This book covers one Christmas period enjoyed (or endured) by the Thorne family. All the family members have come together at their father’s home on the small island of Braynor to enjoy the festivities together. Elder son Elliot says that they can only be together for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day because of the three day rule – which is how long any family can endure each other before returning to normality! I think there are times when I can relate to that rule!

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