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A Dream within a Dream, a Story within a Story

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Sleeping Patterns, J. R. Crook, book reviewWhat is the relationship between the writer and his audience? J. R. Crook’s debut novel investigates this through a group of characters – himself included – living together in student accommodations in London. The main story here centers on an artist Annelie Strandli, known as Grethe to her friends, and a writer Berry Walker. As the book opens, Grethe tells of the death of Crook (fear not, he’s alive and well) and how she received the book – chapter by chapter, and out of order. She also explains why she decided to publish it exactly as she received it. What may be confusing here is that although Crook is a minor character in his own novel, it is Berry who is writing the chapters, and allowing Grethe to find them one at a time (and again, out of order). Yet the overall premise here is that it is Crook who was sending the chapters to Grethe before his death.

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