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Londonstani by Gautam MalkaniWhen Gautam Malkani’s book hit the shelves in 2006 the timing couldn’t have been better – or possibly worse since the same year saw the publication of a book called Londonistan by Melanie Phillips which examined the rise of Muslim fundamentalism in London. You really would get a shock if you went out to buy one and got the other – the two topics couldn’t be more different. Londonistan is described by Wikipedia as “A pejorative sobriquet referring to the British capital of London” – for those not familiar with the term, ‘pejorative sobriquet’ is just swanky-speak for ‘nasty name’. By contrast Londonstani is a term of pride to indicate young British Asians in the London area encompassing all the sub-continent’s many and different religions. However the Londonistan/Londonstani controversy meant that Malkani’s book was sure to get a lot of attention even though it had nothing to do with terrorism.

So if it’s NOT about terrorism, what is it about?

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