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A White Trail

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A White Trail: A Journey into the Heart of Pakistan's Religious Minorities, Khalid Haroon, book reviewWhen Pakistan was divided during Partition, it became a nation frantically seeking identity through religion. However it was also a country where religious minorities still existed because people would not leave their hearth and home believing that their neighbours would remain their friends and life would continue as before. But Pakistan was not what it had been and the minority faiths began to find themselves more and more marginalised and many were forced to take Muslim names so that they could go around publicly without drawing attention to themselves. 45 year old Shazia Waleed, for instance, a Hindu convert to Islam working for a prominent global NGO was Sandhya Gupta before her parents were murdered in 1981. Journalist Haroon Khalid courageously embarked on a series of articles about these communities and how they were managing to survive.

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