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Who’s Who in The Archers 2011

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Who's Who in The Archers 2011: An A-Z of Britain's Most Popular Radio Drama by Graham Harvey, book reviewDum de dum de dum de dum – dum de dum de daa daa

There are two ways to respond to the above line. First is with a tuneful burst of “dum de diddly, dum de diddly, dum de diddly dum” and the second is to wonder what the heck I’m on about. If you’re in the former group then there’s a good chance that you are a regular listener to the UK’s longest running radio drama – The Archers. If you’re in the latter, well this is all going to be a bit baffling for you.

I wasn’t brought up with this tale of simple country folk so I was not indoctrinated by my parents or grandparents (the latter of whom were definitely ‘simple country folk’ and my Grandad had more than a passing similarity to Joe Grundy).

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