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Travelling around India

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India in Slow Motion By Mark Tully, By Gillian WrightMark Tully wrote this book with his partner, Gillian, although his is the only name on the front cover of the version I have. Tully was born in India, but educated in the UK. He then returned to South Asia as a journalist with the BBC. He later left the BBC and became a journalist in New Delhi, working with Gillian, a translator. He has written two other books on India, also with Gillian.

The book is a description of one of Tully’s journeys around India, investigating a number of issues related to India’s governance. During their journey, they meet a number of men and occasionally women who are trying to contribute, in their individual ways, to the smoother running of the country. These issues include politics, economics, religion and culture, such as child labour in the Indian rug-making industry, corruption, Kashmir and the IT industry.

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