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When Hoopoes Go to Heaven

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When Hoopoes Go to Heaven by Gaile Parkin, book reviewThrough the eyes of a young boy, his new home in Swaziland is a wonderful place. The garden is teeming with fascinating beasts and beautiful plants and 10-year old Benedict is mesmerized by the creatures on his door step. The young naturalist is almost able to forget that his place in the family has changed and he’s rather lonely. His elder sister is playing with his new sister, his younger brother with his new brother. Benedict is still the one in the middle but he’s now middle of five rather than middle of three. Most cumbersome is his position as eldest son, a responsibility that he’s not entirely sure he likes or wants. It means he’s constantly anxious, trying to help, trying to put things right. He’s worried that his new Mama’s cake baking business isn’t going well because as a foreigner she’s not really supposed to be working. He wants to find a way to bring in business but he also wants to find a distraction to give Mama something else to think about instead of her ailing business.

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