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A Mountain of Crumbs

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A Mountain of Crumbs – Growing up Behind the Iron Curtain, Elena Gorokhova, book reviewThe biography department of any bookstore can be a tricky place to look for a good read. There are the celebrity biographies that sell well, especially around Christmas time or released to coincide with the celeb’s latest scandal or relationship, which are usually ghost written and air-brushed to tell the fans what they want to know. There are the ‘tragedy’ or ‘event’ biographies where someone’s story becomes important or interesting because of something that happened to them – surviving the Titanic, escaping from a brutal regime – or because they just happened to be in the right place at the right time when something really significant was happening around them. The category that I find can throw up some of the best and some of the worst biographies is the ‘personal memoir’.

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