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Sarum By Edward Rutherfurd, book reviewSarum” is an ambitious book to say the least. Weighing in at an impressive 1300 pages, it is an epic historical novel, the result of several years of research and writing, and takes a good many hours of reading to plough your way through it. (Or listening – Sarum is also available on audiobook, with a running time of some 47 hours!) Rather than focussing on one era of history as most authors chose to do, Edward Rutherfurd has rather traced the entire course of English history from the Mesolithic to the present day (or at least 1987; the present day at the publication of the work) of one region over the course of this book. It was both this ambition and a number of personal recommendations that led me to read Sarum; I was intrigued to see just how such a lengthy and eventful span of time could be condensed into one novel.

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