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Why We Lie

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Why We Lie: The Source of Our Disasters by Dorothy Rowe, book  reviewWe all lie and deceive on a daily basis. “Lovely to see you again”; “I’m not busy”; “I don’t mind”; “we will keep a copy of your CV on file”. Lying is something that comes all too easily to most of us. We tell white lies (and worse) casually and often think of such things as just a necessary lubricant to smooth social intercourse. Telling the truth can get us into trouble – indeed, truth is trouble. Although we are told repeatedly that honesty is the best policy when we are children and our childhood stories are full of morals of why those who are dishonest never prosper, this certainty seems to fade into adulthood – perhaps because we have learnt by then how to lie and get away with it.

Why We Lie: The Source of Our Disasters” is a book, unsurprisingly, about lying.

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