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The Tolling of the Bells

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 The Nine Tailors: A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery by Dorothy L Sayers When the grave of the local lady of the manor is dug up so that her husband can be buried beside her, the villagers of Fenchurch St Paul are horrified to find that there is another body in the grave – one that absolutely shouldn’t be there. The vicar, who is acquainted with the famous private detective, Lord Peter Wimsey, calls him in to help solve the mystery. Lord Peter quickly finds out that not all is as it seems. There is much confusion over the identity of the body, which eventually leads Lord Peter on a trip to France. The theft of an emerald necklace several years before also appears to be tangled up in the crime. In this case, Lord Peter’s detective skills are pushed to their limits. Who was the dead man? And why was he buried in someone else’s grave?


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