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Beware The Charming Man

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This Charming Man By Marian KeyesIf I told you that I’ve just read a 676-page novel about Irish politics, corruption, domestic violence and alcoholism my guess is you wouldn’t immediately think “That sounds like just the perfect thing to read on the sun-bed on my summer holidays”. And I might agree – but only because mine is the hard-back and probably weighs more than two pairs of shoes. However, it could be the ideal book to hook you in and make you incapable of doing anything other than rushing home, microwaving the cat, stroking the ready meal and neglecting your ironing until you’ve finished it. Marian Keyes’ novel ‘This Charming Man‘ is chick-lit for the thinking woman – superficially fluffy but with plenty of depth and exploration of the motivations and causes of social breakdown.

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